Trojan offers a wide range of Brake & Non-Braked Hubs & Stub Axles in various forms and capacities.
This allows the user to select the correct product for their particular application.
The following pages show descriptions of the products available plus part numbers. Shown below is clarification of some of the terminology used.

• Hub Kits - These kits do not include Stub Axles and are for use on products such as Duratorques and Beam Axles where the Stub Axle is pre-fitted.
• Hub & Stub sets - These use the same Hubs as above but include Stub Axles. Required when the user is fabricating their own axles.
• Drilling - This shows the number of studs fitted to the hubs, the pitch circle diameter and the stud diameter i.e. 5 x 4 1/2 x 1/2. This shows the Hub is 5 stud, has a 4 1/2” pitch circle and the studs are 1/2” diameter.
• Flange diameter - This shows the outside diameter of the hub flange that the wheel studs are fitted to.
• Stub Axle diameter - This refers to the diameter of that part of the stub axle which fits into and is welded to the axle beam.
• Integral Hub & Rotor - This relates to Disc Brake Hubs where the Hub & Disc Rotor are cast as one piece. It also refers to Drum Brakes where the Hub & Drum are one casting.
• Bolt-on Rotor type Hubs - These hubs have provision for bolting on Disc Brake Rotors. This allows a choice of Rotor material (cast iron or stainless steel) plus replacement cost of worn rotors is much lower than having to purchase complete integral hubs & rotors. It also allows the economical upgrade to brakes if fitted originally without rotors.
• Stub Axle & Yoke/Flange - This means the Stub Axle is fitted with a bracket allowing Disc Brake Calipers or Drum Brake Backing Plates to be bolted on.